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Barnton has several attractions that make it a lovely place to stay.

From the world-renowned Royal Burgess Golf Club, the oldest golfing society globally, to its close neighbour, Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society, it's not lacking if golf is your game and you have money.

Until 1985 it held the "secret" underground bunker for the Scottish Government in the event of any nuclear activity. Thankfully that threat has been deemed minimal nowadays.

It's also been home, and some of the houses are stunning, to some very famous people.

Colonel JJ McIntosh Shaw, a military surgeon, and pioneer of plastic surgery, was a Barnton resident for some time.

The other most famous resident being the notorious Bob Glen. Renowned across Scotland as its oldest one-legged footballer player, a political activist, and a keen conservationist. (He still plants hundreds of trees every year should you wish to join him).

Barnton has excellent access to the North, South, and West via its multiple motorways and major roads. It's also fifteen minutes from the town centre. It couldn't be much handier, to be honest.

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