Fencing in Edinburgh for all your Contract Fencing Needs

Contract Fencing in Edinburgh? We can help you.

Why use our Fencing in Edinburgh Contractors for your Contract Fencing?

Fencing in Edinburgh is a young and enthusiastic company looking to make its mark in the marketplace. As a company we provide fencing services for both the Residential and Commercial markets.

Our aim is to become your first choice for fencing installations regardless of the construction material. We have a special relationship with both wood and metal suppliers and can supply and fit whatever you need.

Our gates and fences offer security and privacy, look great, and are built to last with minimal maintenance. Whatever contract or commercial needs you have, fencing or gating, you can be sure we will do our very best to provide the ideal solution.

See below for many of the installation types we can provide.

We guarantee no surprises when it comes to price or service and know that you will be delighted with the results.

See below for further details or contact us now.


If you are looking for Metal Fencing / Security Fencing or Garden Fencing, please see our other Service pages.

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    Options for Contract Fencing in Edinburgh?

    First impressions are what matters, whether you are looking for security or aesthetics. We provide bespoke, high-quality fencing, which will substantially improve the look of your premises.

    We provide numerous types of fencing for residential, commercial, and industrial properties :

    • Wooden Fencing
    • Metal Fencing (combination of both)
    • Expanded Metal Mesh
    • Razor Ribbon and Barbed Wire
    • Composite Fencing
    • Steel Panels with Spiked Tops (Palisade)
    • Folded Top
    • Temporary Fencing
    • Weldmesh and Wire Lock
    • Ornamental Metal Fencing - Steel and Aluminium

    For housebuilders :

    • New Garden Fencing
    • Garden Fencing panels
    • Garden Screening

    We can supply and fit a wide and varied range of contract and commercial fencing. Our experienced fencing contractors take the time to understand exactly what you want. They are also happy to suggest sources where you can purchase competitively priced fixtures and fittings that meet your needs.

    Our team is reliable and professional and motivated to ensure that you get only the very best in fencing services. We have lots of experience in the installation of industrial fencing metreage.

    We are very aware how difficult it can be to get tradespeople to work together seamlessly. On building sites for example we know that different trades don't like to work on top of each other which is completely understandable. Our contract fencing team have lots of experience working alongside groundworks staff whether it be soft landscaping or hard landscaping or simply services. We have proven time and time again that we can work for a main contractor or sub contractor without any issue. Why not try our team out for size, see if they fit your way of working?  

    As you would expect from a professional company that cares so much about their work, you get an upfront quotation that we will stick by. That's one price with no surprises!

     Customer satisfaction is key to our way of working. We really want to work with you again!

    If you've decided that it's now time to get the expert fence installers in then, please give us a call now.

    Why not get in touch to discuss how we can help?