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Edinburgh Fencing Services are proud to provide Fencing in Currie

This lovely page has been brought to you by Edinburgh Fencing Services. When looking for Currie Fencing, we're here for you.

Currie is located approximately 7 miles south of Edinburgh City Centre. It's a lovely little town situated between Juniper Green and Balerno. With three golf clubs nearby, the Pentland Hills right next door, and many areas to walk and exercise, it's the perfect location for those wishing for proximity to a large town yet at the same time have the option of a quiet rural life.

Heriot-Watt University is within walking distance and has many sports facilities that the general public can use.

It has access to the City Bypass and is very close to the M8 motorway, allowing access to East or the M9 North. It is ideally situated in our opinion.

We like to work in Currie and the surrounding towns because the traffic is a bit more civilised. There's not the same parking restrictions or costs either.

We can take travel and parking into consideration when costing your fencing projects and we are confident our prices are slightly lower than those that are town based.

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    We are looking to expand our family business in 2021, so if you are looking to enhance your household property or commercial property by performing some home or office boundary improvements, we would be delighted to assist. As the old cliche goes, no job is too big or small.

    Please click on the link below to be directed to our main page, which details all the different services we offer.

    We look forward to hearing from you, whether we've worked together before or you are looking for someone new this time.

    Who are Edinburgh Fencing Services in Currie and What do They do?

    Currie Fencing installation of Fencing Panels

    Edinburgh Fencing Services are a young, keen, family-owned business.

    You can be sure that you'll get an excellent fencing job, whatever type of boundary material you choose.

    Our Currie Fencing team (we group them in areas, so we don't confuse ourselves) are often found in not only Currie, Juniper Green, and Balerno, but we regularly perform project work in Baberton, Clovenstone, and Kingsknowe.

    So you can rest easy knowing you are in the right hands whether you need Garden Fencing, Metal Fencing, Contract Fencing or any type you can think of.

    An alternative material which doesn't have it's own page is Composite Fencing. For more information on Composite please go to our Metal Fencing page.

    We would also be delighted to assist in your Contract and Commercial projects, whether to lead or be part of your team.

    We know how difficult it is to mix tradespeople on the same job. Thus we ensure our Currie Fencing Team are as professional as possible, aiming for the quickest completion date while ensuring we adhere to our high standards.

    Your satisfaction is our aim.

    As above, why not view our home page to view all of the various services we offer. We are incredibly confident that our Currie Fencing team can provide what you are looking for.

    Give us a call now.

    Currie fencing Wrought Iron Fencing Panels

    Our professional and friendly team is waiting to hear from you.