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Welcome to our Fencing in Edinburgh page for home garden services. Whether you are looking at garden fences for privacy, security, a way of marking out your area, or a combination of all, we can help.

We have an experienced team of contractors ready to answer your questions and install or repair your garden fencing.

As mentioned on our home page, there are numerous materials nowadays that can make a boundary. Garden fencing panels and garden screening are two popular methods that DIYers are taking on themselves.

Unfortunately, some fence panels cheap as they may be, don't tend to last long, particularly those from certain larger DIY stores. Cheap garden fencing tends to cost more in the long run.

When choosing garden fencing material, thorough research is recommended. Alternatively, consider seeking professional advice or opinion to avoid making costly mistakes.

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    We find that when we get asked to provide garden fencing panel ideas, often we simply recommend  another brand of panel, that are more robust and longer-lasting.

    Here's a hint, if buying panels or screening please avoid the big Do It Yourself stores unless the material comes with a guarantee. Five years is good, ten is better.

    Some reasons for having a garden fence installed include:

    • To keep pets, for instance, dogs enclosed safely in your garden
    • Offer privacy for you and your family
    • Offer security
    • Act as a windbreaker
    • Improve your garden’s look
    • Mark your boundary

    There are many flavours of fences, wooden, metal, vinyl, steel, etc. See below for some of our wooden installation offerings.

    Please don't hesitate to give us a call should you need advice.

    Our Most Popular Garden Fence Installations :


    Garden Fencing using fencing panels in Edinburgh

    Feathered Edge/Closeboard


    Scalloped (Arch)


    Hit n Miss


    Ranch Style


    Modern Fence panels


    but that's not to say you may not have ideas of your own....

    Besides the installations mentioned above, you can come up with your own garden fencing ideas. If there's anything you'd like, that's not mentioned on these pages, then please let us know. Our garden fencing contractors are always looking for new challenges!.

    The most popular type of fencing we install is not even pictured! The single-sided fencing looks like the Hit n Miss above, but obviously, only one side is covered in slats. This gives a sound, strong barrier to any property. Those who demand more privacy or shelter usually double slat the fence.

    Another standard option is to raise the height of the ranch fence shown above and fit the slats horizontally with smaller gaps. These look great and are perfect for those areas where security is not an issue. We tend to only fit horizontal slats in more rural areas. Cows can't climb very well.

    One more type of Garden Fencing we should be mentioning and do so on the Metal Fencing page, is Composite. Composite is the modern solution to garden fencing but don't tell the wooden fences above. For minimal maintenance, smooth and good looking materials, pre-coloured vinyl and plastic slats and panels which will last for years, look no further.

    If you are looking for Composite Fencing / Metal Fencing / Security Fencing or Contract Fencing please see our other Service pages.

    Popular questions we are often asked at Fencing in Edinburgh

    What is the cheapest garden fencing?

    A: The answer here depends on many factors.
    Do you want to build it yourself? Do you want to reuse materials? Do you want it to last?
    If you are happy to build your own fencing then you can reuse wood that's been used already. If you don't require a rigid strong structure then bamboo is an easy method of constructing a fence. Or, fallen branches from trees interwound can make a nice fence boundary. Failing that, please give us a call and we can build you a nice wooden fence without you having to lift a finger..

    What is the best fencing for gardens?

    How much does garden fencing cost?

    A: Depends on material used, how much material, complexity etc. In very broad terms wood can cost less than metal if the metal is stronger than the mesh type. Vinyl is generally more expensive than both. Again there are exceptions

    What is the legal height of a garden fence?

    A: You can go any height you like as long as you have planning permission. The norm though is that the council like to stipulate 1m high at the front of a property and 2m at the back and sides. Exceptions may apply