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We are a small family run business based in Edinburgh, offering cost-effective fencing services with competitive pricing.
From residential garden fences, commercial fencing, and gating, all of our services offer exceptional quality and value.

Our skilled team has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to install residential fencing and commercial fencing built to last.

Whether you require bespoke ornamental metal fencing or "off-the shelf" secure fence panels we can provide and install both, with the minimum of fuss.

Along with our metal manufacturing colleagues, we have a mission to produce long-lasting, good looking, and secure fencing that we are proud to install.

We go the extra distance to ensure customer satisfaction in the hope that you or your colleagues will use us again in the future.

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    Why Choose Metal Fencing?

    Over the years, metal fences have gained popularity for good reasons. Besides improving your kerb appeal, metal fences are incredibly durable, thus increasing your return on investment (ROI) in the long run. Some reasons for choosing metal fences are listed here :

    • Safe and secure – if you are looking to protect or guard your property, metal fencing is an ideal choice. However, the type of metal fencing can determine the security it offers to your home.

    • Stylish – whether you choose the wrought iron fence or modern options, metal iron makes your home/property smart.

    • Long-lasting – if you are looking for a durable fence option, metal fences are perfect. Stainless steel fences have a shelf life of more than 30 years!

    • Easy maintenance – for property owners looking for an easy-to-main fencing solution, metal fences are ideal. Once the fence is professionally installed, you can easily maintain it by painting.

    Composite Fencing?

    Composite fencing is becoming more and more popular. It was always a great choice at the outset, looking a bit softer and more modern than metal fencing but lasting much longer than even treated timber. Composite boards come pre-coloured, look really clean and classy, and if they are of quality material with built-in UV protection, they can look great for years and years.

    People are generally not aware that using Composite Fencing can actually be even more eco-friendly to the planet than using sustainable timber. We can source Composite material that is 60% recycled plastic, 30% recycled wood, and 10% being an eco-friendly bonding agent. Even more of a reason to go Composite!
    As prices have slowly come down, although still more expensive than timber, people are starting to purchase more composite fencing with the intention of "fit and forget". There's no treating or painting required in the main. If Composite Posts are also used, it is as close to maintenance free as possible.
    Why not contact us now to discuss how you can have an "almost" maintenance-free fence.

    More Metal Garden Fencing Choices Than you Thought?

    Wrought Iron 




    Folded Top

    rolled top2



    Expanded Mesh




    Wood and Metal Mix




    And this is only a sample. If you've seen anything else you'd like to know if we can supply and install, please get in touch now.

    PS. We know Composite isn't metal but it's not wooden either so we just put it here.....................